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Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and services.
We at ITAbode are dedicated to continuous process improvements. Our quality standards and measurements are compliant with ISO 9001.
Our Quality processes involve
  • Verifying and validating existing and new software applications
  • Continuous process improvements
  • Helping other teams to define and streamline processes
  • Conducting internal-quality audits
  • Ensuring our processes are compliant with ISO 9001.
We follow specific plans for development, documentation, quality control, Configuration management, staffing and training. We closely monitor our design documents and release and delivery schedules. Verification and validation (testing) complete the entire process.

At ITAbode we have our quality-control standards and documentation requirements that ensure our products and services are of high quality. If you have a specific quality-control standards or documentation procedures, do let us know, we will ensure that they are adopted in the project.
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